Hands-On Process

Having started his career in a large firm Mr. Nalepa has experience in the search process at all levels. This gives our clients large firm experience with small firm advantages.

Too often larger firms will employ staff members, many of whom are right out of college with little experience, to conduct the search while the principal hunts for new business. The principal only gets involved on the tail end to present the final candidates.

At Jim Nalepa & Associates, Mr. Nalepa performs and directs all searches personally with the aide of a staff that averages over 25 years in the executive search industry. This hands-on approach assures excellence in candidate development and the entire search process.


Due to a significant sense of urgency, attention to detail and access to up to the minute corporate and candidate information, our searches average less than 90 days from initiation to "offer acceptance."

No Blockage Issues

Jim Nalepa & Associates is a smaller, more agile firm with a select clientele. We attract the full range of the best available candidates. Larger firms or firms that "specialize" in a given industry are "blocked" from recruiting from their client base. This excludes excellent candidates from consideration who could make all the difference in YOUR Company.

Performance Based Fee Structure and Guarantee

We are the most cost-effective firm in the search industry with a unique fee structure that demands performance. We believe so firmly in our ability to attract leaders of excellence to our client firms that we offer an unparalleled guarantee for a successful candidate's longevity.