The clients of Jim Nalepa & Associates face challenges in the marketplace that force them to find a competitive edge and produce results. It is in recognition of this environment that we offer our competitive fees.

Large search firms must keep the old standard of 33% of first year total compensation, paid without guarantee of performance, due to shareholder demands. Virtually all of these firms charge an excessive monthly expense fee to cover "administrative costs" as well.

Jim Nalepa & Associates' fee structure mitigates the risk of retained executive search and delivers a superior product with performance as a key element. This approach can save the client in excess of 20% over traditional fees.

Our Fee Structure will total only 30% of anticipated first year compensation. (First year compensation defined as base salary plus anticipated bonus).

It will be comprised of two payments,

    1. A realistic retainer to commence search and cover ongoing expenses.
    Balance of fee, 30% of anticipated first year compensation LESS the agreed upon retainer, due upon
    SUCCESSFUL completion.

    Or, a Flat Fee can be designed to suit the client.

Flexibility in fee structuring has been a "client centric" feature of our value proposition. In certain circumstances, multiple search discounts will be provided for as well.